Contribute to New Empress Magazine Issue One

New Empress Magazine is currently seeking writers, photographers and illustrators for its first print issue in April. We are also always on the look out for talent to showcase on our website. We are not in a position to pay for contributions at the moment but being published in New Empress Magazine or on our website is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what you can do and widen your portfolio.

If you’re interested in writing a review, column or article or consider yourself to be a creative visionary with a 2B pencil or a polaroid camera email some samples to Quirkiness, curiousness and downright weirdness is whole-heartily welcomed.

3 responses to “Contribute to New Empress Magazine Issue One

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  2. Hello

    I’m an artist and illustrator. I think your magazine is fabulous and I would love to contribute or have my work showcased on there. It’s high time there was a really decent film magazine that isn’t too worthy and pedestrian, something with a bit of style, which your magazine is/has.

    About me: I am only recently starting out as an illustrator after a complete career change.

    I am full of enthusiasm to the point of obsession for illustration, art and all things creative. I also love film and studied it at A’Level and as part of my B.A. in Cultural Studies. I adore the imagery in Film Noir, and I am a big fan of Cindy Sherman’s photographs that evoke classic film and Noir imagery, also of lomo/retro photography and 50s melodramas such as those of Douglas Sirk. But not forgetting the films of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck. Also I adore anything with Humphrey Bogart and of course, Bacall. I haven’t done any work along those these film inspired lines myself in my own illustration yet but I would love to, there is so much inspiration there. I do enjoy modern films however, such as Wenders’ Wings of Desire, John Houston’s The Dead, Babette’s Feast, Festen, too many to mention!

    Art wise, I did a foundation course in art in the 80s, and have more recently been completing a painting and drawing course at the London College of Art. In between I did the degree in Cultural Studies and worked most recently in Housing giving legal advice and trying to help the homeless. I am currently working towards an exhibition in Sheffield for the 1st June.

    I have a few online “homes”, my blog, website (a free one which is just a starter at the moment). I also have a Facebook page, am on Behance, Deviantart, have a Society6 shop, etc. etc. Most of my online places can be found on the About.Me link in my signature below.

    I am a regular contributor of illustrations to Amelia’s Magazine and you will find the illustrations I have done on my website, with links. Most of this has been fashion illustration. Currently I am also working on an illustration for Creature Mag, another online magazine, and have just submitted work to The Beauty Regime, an online showcase and blog run by and for artists and illustrators.

    I would really like to increase my exposure on other magazines, online or otherwise. It would be great to collaborate!

    Here is my wall on Wall Collective for a quick snapshot of some of my work:

    If you want to see more just click on the About.Me link, it will bring up most of my online work in various places.

    I hope to hear from you, if there is anything else you need to know please contact me.


    Sam Parr

  3. Good Morning New Empress

    My name is Ken and i would love to contribute to New Empress Magazine! I am very passionate about film and would love to offer my services to you and the team!

    Please take a look at my website to see my professional and personal work, and if you like what you see please dont hesitate to get in contact!

    All the best,


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