The Razzie Results

The eve of the Oscars award ceremony can only mean one thing: The Razzies! A full list of Razzie nominations and awards can be found here.

The Last Airbender swept up winning 5 awards including Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Eye-Gauging use of 3D. That will surely be a lesson in creating a film in which the cast periodically chant the word “Bender.”

Sex and the City 2 also picked up a few choice trophies. The fact that the fashionable four collectively scored the award for worst actress probably won’t have gone down too well at SATC HQ. If you don’t like it Sarah, don’t parade around the screen wearing a turban. A simple rule to follow, both in fashion and in film.

Ashton Kutcher won the award for worst actor thanks to Valentine’s Day and Killers although considering his backcatalogue of work it’s amazing he didn’t pick this up sooner. Surely in comparison to Dude, Where’s My Car, Cheaper by the Dozen and Guess Who? Valentine’s Day and Killers are relievingly inoffensive? One might argue the same about Sandra Bullock’s win last year for All About Steve. It is a painful film to watch, I’m not denying that, but she also has Speed 2: Cruise Control on her CV. It did win worst remake at the Razzies that year but her midriff-touting performance was unjustly overlooked.

We’ll be bringing you commentary on the Oscars on our website tomorrow and in issue one we’ll be giving you tips for predicting them next year in order to look knowing and downright debonair  in front of all your film-fanatical friends.

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