The Ultimate 80s T Shirt Giveaway!

What better way is there of declaring your allegiance to film geekery than sporting a T Shirt that only you and a select few can appreciate? Er, like none! That’s why the decent fellows at Last Exit To Nowhere have provided us with two high quality T Shirts to give away out of the goodness of their geeky little hearts.

Retweet or post a Facebook link (tagging New Empress Magazine) to this competition to enter and you could be the proud owner of one of these brilliantly inspired garments (awesome tattoos and intimidating physique not included).

If you can’t wait for the announcement of our winner, winners are announced on the 1st of April, why not have a browse on Last Exit To Nowhere today?

3 responses to “The Ultimate 80s T Shirt Giveaway!

  1. i’ve posted a link on fb as kush kushla!

  2. Loved Breakfast Club (and Blues Brothers for that matter)!

  3. Love these tshirts,RT on twitter I’m ekitt1001 :)x

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