Lunchtime Poll: Should Cinemas Show Shorts?

A trip to any film festival will serve as an important reminder of just how much untapped talent there is out there in the short film industry. Just last October New Empress writers were  sat cackling through The Legend of Beaver Dam (a horror musical no less!) at the London Film Festival, amongst many other thought-provoking shorts, and who doesn’t look forward to the extra animated short tacked onto the front of Pixar films?

With this in mind it is a bit surprising that cinemas simply don’t bother with short films. At least not frequently. Perhaps this is because the public simply aren’t interested in an appetiser before the main course, but we wanted to find out for sure. So you tell us: should cinemas show short films before their main feature? Cast your vote below!

One response to “Lunchtime Poll: Should Cinemas Show Shorts?

  1. RobCorpseEater

    Couldn’t have short film start to show in cinemas. I mean,it might bring in another segment of the audience,increase ticket sales,give people hope for movies again,and possibly inspire more film makers.

    But more importantly,you can’t market them as 3d nonsense and charge an extra ten dollars for a ticket.

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