Sci-Fi-London Parade Pics

The Sci-fi-London Festival
held their first ever Easter Parade today. An impressive number of science-fiction fanatics gathered, many of them in fancy dress, to take a stroll along London’s Southbank in the sun. They were lead by a zombie Will and Kate who shuffled and lunged their way between the BFI and the London Film Museum. Check out the highlights below:

Will and Kate share a zombie kiss before the parade begins.

Most mums are Wonder Women this one has the costume to prove it.

Holy costume cuteness Batman!

Not exactly an advert for drinking Red Stripe.

Sadly we didn't have time to ask her what her favourite dinosaur was.

We sense the force is strong with these two.

You won't like him when he's angry.

Oh, wait we've seen this one. It's the one where Doctor Who has a doppelganger.

Blue-blooded bwains taste better!

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