The Great White Silence: A preview in pictures

This image is from a collection compiled by the National Archives at Kew.

As of tomorrow the The Great White Silence (1924) will be released across UK cinemas. The film, newly restored by the British Film Institute, was originally created by British photographer Herbert Ponting (1870-1935) and documents Robert Scott’s Terra Nova expedition of 1910. He joined the expedition as official photographer, taking still pictures and cinematograph film of Antarctica.

To mark the centenary of the expedition’s arrival on Ross Island and the re-release by the British Film Institute of Ponting’s 1924 film The National Archives have brought together stills from Ponting’s Antarctic film footage alongside some of his extraordinary pictures from Japan, India and China.

The images are dreamily ‘of another time’ and will make a fantastic preview for anybody interested in watching the film. You can access the photostream here.

The Great White Silence will be reviewed in issue 2 of New Empress Magazine.

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