Lunchtime Poll: A Labyrinth Special

With her weird sense of style and penchant for puppets would Gaga make a good Goblin Queen?

Yesterday Labyrinth (1986) celebrated its 25th anniversary, shame on you if you didn’t so much as dance (magic dance) around to the soundtrack. As a little homage before our big tribute coming up in issue 2 (look out for a very special Labyrinth-inspired comic strip)  we’d like to ask you a very important question.

Obviously, due to a massive idea shortage in Hollywood, all of the 80s greats are in danger of being remade. Nobody likes it. We’re still seething about Footloose (1984) and if anyone touches The Goonies (1985) we’ve made a pact to launch a Data-esque attack on the CEO of whichever studio green lights it. But unlike Sarah we, sadly, have to live in the real world: somebody, somewhere, someday is going to think it’s a good idea to remake Labyrinth.

When this happens there’s only one big question everyone’s going to be asking: who can replace Bowie in the role of the Goblin King. Cast your votes, have your say or forever hold your peace.

2 responses to “Lunchtime Poll: A Labyrinth Special

  1. I have never seen Labyrinth before. This will likely be rectified at the Prince Charles’s double bill screening on July 4th with The Princess Bride.

  2. You can’t replace Bowie in Labyrinth. There would be uproar. Film as we know it would just implode..

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