Total Film loses editor to Empire, again.

By Helen Cox

The Empire Stikes Back

Editor in Chief of Total Film Aubrey Day has announced his departure from the publication via a breezy editor’s note in their latest issue. Cryptically, Aubrey gives no details pertaining to his ‘pastures new’ except to describe them as ‘warm.’ A quick look at Day’s website, however reveals that his final destination is actually the position of West Coast Editor for rival movie magazine Empire.

Day is the third consecutive editor Future Publishing have lost to Empire in the last 5 years. In 2008 Day’s direct predecessor, Nev Pierce, made the same strategic career move as did Mark Dinning before him in 2006. It is seemingly difficult for editors at Future Publishing to resist the lure of Bauer media’s market-leading magazine which has a circulation of 172,639 compared with Total Film figures which stand at 78,709. Figures have slipped slightly under Day’s rule, The Guardian reported them at 85, 696 at the time Pierce left, but there is no indication as yet that this is related to Day defecting to their biggest competitor.

There was no suggestion in Day’s incredibly brief note as to who his successor will be, leaving the Total Film readership to ponder the publication’s future for themselves.

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