Unveiled: New Empress Magazine Issue 3 Front Cover

Following the success of issue one and two the team at New Empress HQ are gearing up to deliver their third instalment of quirky film criticism and review. Rarely in the film world does a title with the number ‘3’ after it satisfy its audience but we ask you, dear readers, to think not of Transformers 3 (2011) . Nor of Look Who’s Talking Now (1993).

Think instead about an 88 page film love-in boasting features and flashbacks on How Blu-ray Killed The Classics, Japanese Rom-Coms, James Cagney’s cult classic: White Heat, Blade Runner and the digial city, Army of Sharkness: Bruce Vs Bruce and the British film classic: Bhaji on the Beach.

We also have interviews on classification and censorship in the UK with David Cooke of the BBFC and with independent director Phil Bowman. A real-life MD gives his medical diagnosis on the viability of Flatliners (1990) and there’s the usual dose of candid film review. To quote the big man himself: “Come get some!”

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P.S. Bruce Campbell is 53 years old so the person to place the 53rd pre-order will win an inflatable shark, guaranteed. A must-have for recreating on-screen shark scenes in the comfort of your own living room including the classic biting through an aeroplane scene of Megashark Vs Giant Octopus (2009).*

Those who subscribe, or have subscribed already, will also be entered into a prize draw for an inflatable shark. That’s two, yes two inflatable sharks up for grabs.

*model plane not included.

The cover was illustrated by our artist: Dan Harvardi.

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