New Empress Reader Survey – Win DVDs!

Here at New Empress Magazine we’re curious folk, in every sense of the word, and consequently we’d really like to find out what all you good people think about cinemas.

What can cinemas do to improve? What is your pet cinema peeve? And will download options ever stop you going to the pictures? Ten quick questions and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an eclectic mix of 5 DVD classics. Namely: Black Swan, The Last King of Scotland, His Girl Friday, Evil Dead 2 and the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink.

Click here to take part in the survey!

2 responses to “New Empress Reader Survey – Win DVDs!

  1. trudiebarnaville

    I love going to cinemas with my friends and my family even more . I have been waiting for ages to watch the movie black swan .When i saw the adverts for it I ran round sreaming like a loony. I could not wait for it to come out .I am the person who should win this competition. THANKS

  2. Great survey – thanks – always like to offer my input!

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