Bad Film Club Vs Xanadu

After 5 years at the Barbican in North London The Bad Film Club, beloved refuge of card-carrying movie masochists everywhere, has moved to Riverside Studios. Kicking off their Autumn programme with the 1980 flop Xanadu,  comedy duo Nicko and Joe return; prepared, as ever, to provide a uniquely  cutting  commentary over films that are so bad they’re good.

For those actually interested in the film itself, Xanadu is a  remake of one of Rita Hepworth’s worst credits: Down to Earth. Olivia Newton John (the girl you loved in Grease, according to the trailer) plays an Olympian Muse (the muse of dancing and chorus, of course) who springs to life out of a mural to inspire a down and out dancer. Romance, music and fantasy ensue.

Nicko has promised to sport roller skates for the occasion and Joe has promised…to watch Nicko sport roller skates for the occasion so it’s clearly an event not to be missed. Shake off the shackles of polite cinema ettiquette and join us in a good old heckle at this interactive film experience.

Click here to book tickets for Xanadu


One response to “Bad Film Club Vs Xanadu

  1. Wow I must confess you make some very tenrhacnt points.

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