Unveiled: Issue 4 Front Cover

As 2011 draws to a close the New Empress quadrilogy is finally completed. In our fourth and final issue of the year, our Spaced-Out Edition, we deliver our most eclectic range of articles to-date with some very special features on extraterrestrial pictures and a two page comic strip inspired one of the more amorous on-screen space cadets: Howard the Duck.

Articles include: Don’t believe the double-speak: lessons learnt from 1984, a feature on the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle, When Film Goes Gaga, I, HEART, Robot, Through the Black Hole, Méliès: Who was the man in the moon?, A Brief History of Bromance, Why I Hate Film: Deceputations. We also enter into a lively debate on which Scrooge has been the meanest Scrooge in film history.

All this and some carefully selected reviews of present and upcoming films including: The Artist, My Week With Marilyn, Faust and Carnage.

We’d like to thank all of our followers, readers and fans for an absolutely cracking first year.

To order your copy of issue four click here.

One response to “Unveiled: Issue 4 Front Cover

  1. It is interesting that the film from whose imagery this cover was taken ranks very highly, according to a ranking that The Village Voice made of the top 100 films of the twentieth century: it came 84th, according to them.

    The design is great and is in tune with its spirit nicely!

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