The New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011: Available for Order

What has 2011 in film meant to you? The year of the sequel? The year of the documentary? The year when Michael Bay really proved his worth as a director…? Maybe that will be 2012. To celebrate, commemorate and, admittedly in some respects, commiserate the year that has been 2011 we present to you our 2011 Year Book.

Consisting of 1oo A4 pages and peppered with stylish black and white illustrations the New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011 features A Review of Reviews, Centipedes and Censorship, The Class of 2011, Meta at the Movies,  The State of Cinema Research Report, and obituaries for some important figures including Jane Russell, Elizabeth Taylor and the Arriflex camera. We’ll also be offering up a range of relevant flashbacks from the film world with A Century of Cinema 1911-2o11, The HUAC Hollywood trials of 1951 and there’ll be a Bat-tastic 2012 preview.  

Our Year Book will make the perfect Christmas gift for cinephiles everywhere but, of course, you could also just buy it as a gift for yourself. Something to see you through those post-present hours of Christmas day when you have to endure relatives you’d really rather not see. You know, the ones who believe that The Lake House holds some sort of merit as a film.

The Year Book is available to order now and will be shipped early December. Our Year Book front cover, featuring our specially designed Hollywood Homogetron, will be  unveiled at the end of this week.

Click here to order the New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011

Please note that we cannot guarantee that UK orders placed after the 2nd of December will arrive by Christmas.

We are not guaranteeing Christmas delivery for international orders but it is likely that books ordered on or before the 2nd of December will arrive by Christmas.

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