An official apology from our editor

As an editor there’s one word, above most others, you pray you never see in an email subject line: plagiarism. Yesterday afternoon I received such an email informing me that one of my longest serving, and thus most trusted writers (Nathan D’Rozario), had plagiarised – of all things – his review of the latest Ghost Rider instalment. Nathan was immediately contacted about this but did little more than deny it before swiftly removing himself from Twitter. We have since removed all of his content from our website in case of any other plagiarism he may have committed.

The first thing I must do is apologise sincerely to Screen Jabber writer Stuart Barr and his editor Stuart O’ Connor who were the victims of Nathan’s plagiarised review. Our publication is certainly not in the business of stealing from other websites and I am truly sorry for any upset, anger or inconvenience this situation may have caused either of them.

Secondly, I’d like to thank both of them for their extreme professionalism in a difficult situation. They respectfully chose not to ‘out us’ as ‘culprits’ to the online community who, understandably, wanted justice. Instead they approached me direct and allowed both myself and my team the time to deal with this matter in appropriate manner. In addition to this they both supported me through what was, as you can imagine, a very upsetting ordeal. For this, I thank them further.

New Empress Magazine has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to plagiarism. As mentioned, Nathan’s content has been removed and he will never work for this publication, or any others I know, again. Not only has Nathan wrongfully used the work of another but he has tarnished the hours and hours of hard work put in over the last year by myself and over a hundred illustrators, editors, writers and designers who put the magazine together because they simply love film.

Although we do run searches on our reviews, it is impossible for us to read every single review posted on other sites and, besides that, we want to trust our writers. New Empress has over seventy writers who contribute on a regular basis and we do not want to treat our writers with constant suspicion over one bad egg. That said, we will continue to be as vigilant as we can be with the resources we have and hope readers and followers understand that the review published yesterday, like all of our content, was published in good faith.

Helen Cox
Editor in Chief
New Empress Magazine

5 responses to “An official apology from our editor

  1. Although I’ve not written much for the magazine (1 article only still) I’m very pleased to have contributed to a magazine with such an ethical standpoint

  2. Joanna Richardson

    I am saddened to hear that this has happened. Reputation is a precious thing that only takes one unlucky incident to destroy. However, I must commend the transparancy and honesty demonstrated by New Empress, and speaking as a contributor to the magazine myself, I feel proud, reassured and confident that I am working alongside those who are committed to zero tolerance in this regard.

  3. Myself (in a sideways take on this), I’d watch out for a DVD issue of a film called Misrepresentation (2009).

    You won’t happen to remember it being on general release, which is strange, because it is said to star (amongst others) Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga, so you are fascinated.

    When, having bought it (in said state of fascination), you finally take it out of the pile of DVDs like mine that you know, if you’re being honest, you’ve got of films that you ‘haven’t quite yet’ caught up with, you won’t be disappointed:

    You’ll actually prefer what you see, because it’s that winning team of Hepburn and Grant in Charade (1963).

    So, enjoy it, and just thank the kind distributor for your not having to witness the film – if it had been made – that would otherwise be on your screen!

    (By the way, more such oddities – sometimes, amid genuine reviews – on the blog at Unofficial Cambridge Film Festival)

  4. Helen,
    You and the staff are incredible. I am very impressed by the way this situation has been handled by all sides. New Empress will always be a most-favored publication for me to get a little insight from, advertise in, and laugh at.
    Bryan Irwin,
    San Francisco, CA

  5. Very proud to write for a publication that didn’t just delete all the content and hoped nobody noticed. Beautifully handled.

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