From a collection of images at the New York Public Library

New Empress Magazine is a new quarterly publication not just about film but about cinema: the history, the experience the names you know and the names you don’t. As the film magazine that breaks convention we’re a celebration; an exultation; a merry medley of motion picture musings. It’s…not quite as pretentious as it might sound. Honest!

Each quarter we will be offering reviews and commentary on film industry projects, issues and events. We also include a nostalgic flashback section in every issue looking at some of our favourite films and stars from the silent era onwards. Named after an old picture house in Nottingham that closed down in the late 1920s New Empress Magazine is focused on reflecting on and reacting to all aspects of the industry, both the contemporary and the classic, whilst covering a range of less-harkened-to genres such as B-Movies, romantic comedy and documentary. The cinema can be a diverse and wonderful place and our mission is to be just as diverse and wonderful in delivering quality editorial and illustration.

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