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In Review: Project X (2012)

By Joe Walsh

Nima Nourizadeh’s debut film Project X is an irritating mess of gratuitous partying that alienates the audience from the first thirty seconds onwards. Continue reading


Our First Digi-Issue Launches Today: Minema Edition 4.1

New Empress Magazine’s Minema titles are a mini-digi-dose of film commentary, flashbacks and review. Continue reading

Special Report: Dracula Prince of Darkness (1966)

Image courtesy of Graham Humphries

By Mike Richardson

After a trip to the blood donors, the kindly nurses and doctors generally suggest taking it easy and drinking plenty of liquids, yet last Friday my post-donation time was spent in a disused crypt in the bowels of London Waterloo instead; in the company of Hammer Horror Continue reading

Dimensions has Gort it! Say Boston sci-fi judges…

By Helen Cox

Independent director and producer Sloane U’Ren and Ant Neely have returned from the 37th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival with one of the coolest awards in the industry: The Gort Award. Every year this highly desirable statuette is awarded to the best film that screens at the festival. Previously it has been awarded to Duncan Jones’s Moon. Continue reading

In Review: Black Gold

By Maryann O’Connor 

Black Gold is a story about two leaders in Arabia, Amar (Mark Strong) and Nesib (Antonio Banderas) warring over land which is latterly discovered to contain a considerable reserve of Crude Oil. It has all the ingredients for a film of epic proportions, including a director (Jean-Jacques Annaud) and producer (Tarak Ben Ammar) who said they were determined to create a real picture of that time Continue reading

An official apology from our editor

As an editor there’s one word, above most others, you pray you never see in an email subject line: plagiarism. Yesterday afternoon I received such an email informing me that one of my longest serving, and thus most trusted writers (Nathan D’Rozario), had plagiarised – of all things – his review of the latest Ghost Rider instalment. Continue reading

In Review: Hammett (1982)

By Maryann O’Connor

Samuel Dashiell Hammett was, at various points in his life, a writer of good mysteries, a detective and political activist; in short, dream fodder for other writers’ detective tales. Continue reading