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This year’s subscription package is changing. We’re moving from A5 to A4 and adding 2 digital publications to our offering for 2012! Please find details of our 2012 subscription package below.

A year’s subscription with New Empress Magazine buys you:

4 fully illustrated A4 magazines delivered to your door. Subscribers get their magazines first. Before shops. Before cinemas. Each quarter we round up the big issues affecting cinema and film whilst also providing some carefully selected reviews that range from silent and art house to big budget blockbusters.

2 fully illustrated A5 digital magazines delivered to your inbox. Most subscribers simply can’t go between issues without a New Empress film fix and consequently we’re putting out two extra digi-editions in 2012. We call them our Minema Editions. Other buyers will have to pay for these individually but for subscribers they are included in the price.

Other reasons to subscribe:

·         Special deals and freebies from our partners.
·         Automatic competition entry into all our online competitions.
·         10% discount on books published by New Empress Publications.
·         We don’t repeat any magazine content online – not even reviews.
·         We don’t rehash press releases, all of our content is original and written
especially for our magazine.
·         We cover the greatest range of genres and eras of any magazine on the
·         By subscribing to New Empress Magazine you are supporting an
independent magazine publisher that showcases many artists
and writers across the UK.

The annual subscription for six issues (4 print and 2 digital) costs £19. This is a 20% saving on buying our issues individually alongside all the other benefits above.

Click here to subscribe.

Limited copies of our A5 back issues are also available here.

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