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The New York Report: 92YTribeca

By Nicko V. Vaughan

There are 92 reasons why Tribeca should be the main port of call for film nerds looking for interesting things to do in New York but I don’t have the space or the editorial power to list them all, so I’m just going to tell you about the best darn film lover’s hub in Manhattan. Continue reading

Tintin Origins: The Crab with the Golden Claws

By Anthony Nield

There’s a famous tale relating to MGM and their 1944 adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s Gaslight. Keen not to have any other version impinging on their success, the studio attempted not only to suppress the earlier British film from 1940, they reportedly even tried to destroy the negative. Continue reading

In Interview: Rose Bosch, writer and director of The Round Up (2010)

By David Katz

Rose Bosch’s The Round Up (2010) is one of the most notable recent success
stories in French cinema, a moving and thought-provoking account of the Vel d’Iver round up in 1942. The round up was a mass arrest corroborated by the Nazi-occupied French government of 13,000 Parisian Jews, forcibly removed from their homes in Montmarte and ordered to the Vel d’Iver Velodrome, in preparation for their deportment and execution. Building on two years of research and interviews with survivors, the film shines a neglected light on an atrocity the French public would, understandably, very much like to forget. Continue reading

Sheb Wooley: King of Screams

By Emma Hutchings

Fay Wray of King Kong (1933) fame may historically be known as the Scream Queen but the King of Screams is undoubtedly a less-talked-about star of the Western genre called Sheb Wooley; the  man behind the voice of the Wilhelm scream. Not sure if you even know what the Wilhelm scream is? I promise you, you do…  Continue reading

Beef with the BBFC: The Human Centipede II et cetera

By Lee Cassanell

Throughout the 80s a cousin of mine with a connection in Saudi Arabia was the proud owner of one of the greatest pirate video collections in the land. Not only did he receive the latest US cinema releases long before they hit the UK he also acquired an extensive collection of banned or heavily-censored films that were not available in Britain. Continue reading