Helen Cox is Editor in Chief of New Empress Magazine. After qualifying for her M/A in creative writing in 2006 she came to London to start a career in film journalism. She has since contributed regular reviews and features to the likes of Guardian Film, Den of Geek, Lost in the Multiplex, Flick Feast and Geek Planet Online. Her favourite film is unashamedly Die Hard but she also has a penchant for bad films with Grease 2 undoubtedly being her all-time favourite. Does this qualify her to edit a film magazine? We’re about to find out.

Danielle Richardson is Assistant Reviews Editor for Issue 2. She has recently completed a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism at Cardiff University and is a self-confessed film, music and magazine geek, with a DVD collection that definitely consists of too many ridiculous cult comedies (Hot Rod, anyone?) Embarrassing movie faux pas include never having seen The Godfather, and watching The Wedding Planner more than once. No one’s perfect. She hopes that meeting Spike Jonze once makes up for this, as it’s pretty much her only cool claim to fame… She has a music blog, Beat The Static and can often be found lurking on Twitter @danielle_r

Emma Farley is Assistant Features Editor for Issue 2. A film geek and journalism graduate with a soft spot for 80s teen movies, she has interned with filmdirecting4women and written for various websites and publications, including The Digital Fix, Eat Sleep Live Film and The Flickering Myth. It is her ambition to teach film and media in further and higher education and to continue to freelance on the side. Blog: http://screenspeak.blogspot.com tumblr: http://emma-farley.tumblr.com Twitter: @EmsLF

David Katz is Online Editor. He is currently in the middle of his undergraduate degree in English, also editing the film section of his college’s award-winning Pi Magazine. His bylines have featured on film4.com, The Singles Jukebox, The New Wolf and Tengen Magazine. As you can probably tell, he watches a lot of films. Some say too many. Twitter: @david_katz

Gillian Coyle is Assistant Editor for issue 3. A life-long sci-fi geek, Gillian is regularly reduced to a gibbering wreck by the end of The Wrath of Khan. She has enormous crushes on Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn; The Philadelphia Story is one of her favourite films. Her absolute favourite is When Harry Met Sally, but she refuses to accept the existence of the Star Wars prequels. She loves Alfred Hitchcock, Quentin Tarantino, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and George Cukor.  Gillian is a published short story writer and sub-editor of GeekPlanetOnline.com, where she also writes a TV column and co-hosts their Babylon 5 podcast, The Babble On Project.


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