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Our First Digi-Issue Launches Today: Minema Edition 4.1

New Empress Magazine’s Minema titles are a mini-digi-dose of film commentary, flashbacks and review. Continue reading

The New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011: Available for Order

What has 2011 in film meant to you? The year of the sequel? The year of the documentary? The year when Michael Bay really proved his worth as a director…? Maybe that will be 2012. To celebrate, commemorate and, admittedly in some respects, commiserate the year that has been 2011 we present to you our 2011 Year Book. Continue reading

Why I Hate Film #4: Other People

By Adam Glasspool

It may surprise some of you to read that I’ve never murdered anybody.  I may come across in these articles as frustrated and angry, and I am, but I’ve never actually pulled a Charles Bronson on the people who have wronged me.

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Silent Screenings in Review: Pandora’s Box (1929)

By Joanna Richardson

The dark, low-lit theatre of the BFI is deliciously decadent in a fresh, contemporary way. Luxurious soft red velvet fold-down seats bear their number in embroidered gold; the walls fade unnoticeably and humbly dissolve around the red, regal, curtained screen. Continue reading

Slow-Cooked Sequels: Does money never sleep?

By Nicky Branagh

Have you noticed that delayed sequels have been particularly prevalent at the local multiplexes over the last few years? Long-awaited film follow-ups are nothing particularly new; the 8os saw just such a trend:  consider the likes of Psycho II (1983), appearing 23 years after Hitchcock’s classic and Scorcese’s The Color of Money (1986), which followed on from The Hustler (1961) a quarter of a century later. Continue reading

New Empress Events: Special Screenings and Quiz Geekery at Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey

Sunday 16th October
Place: The Shortwave Cinema, Bermondsey. Details here.
Start time:
Screenings 5:30pm – 7pm.
Quiz: 7:30pm onwards.

Can you form the ultimate film quiz team? Or do you already have one? If so: attention please. On October 16th New Empress Magazine will be holding its first ever event in association with Double Crossed Films and Shortwave Cinema in Bermondsey, London.  Continue reading

New Empress Reader Survey – Win DVDs!

Here at New Empress Magazine we’re curious folk, in every sense of the word, and consequently we’d really like to find out what all you good people think about cinemas.

What can cinemas do to improve? What is your pet cinema peeve? And will download options ever stop you going to the pictures? Ten quick questions and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an eclectic mix of 5 DVD classics. Namely: Black Swan, The Last King of Scotland, His Girl Friday, Evil Dead 2 and the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink.

Click here to take part in the survey!