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The New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011: Available for Order

What has 2011 in film meant to you? The year of the sequel? The year of the documentary? The year when Michael Bay really proved his worth as a director…? Maybe that will be 2012. To celebrate, commemorate and, admittedly in some respects, commiserate the year that has been 2011 we present to you our 2011 Year Book. Continue reading

Picturehouse launches in the heart of Hackney

By Helen Cox

Photograph ©Joanne Davidson/The Picture Library Ltd.

Local Hackney resident, and award-winning actor, Michael Fassbender was amongst the modest band of supporters who gathered for the launch of Hackney Picturehouse yesterday. Continue reading

2011: The Year of the Documentary

By Lucia Hodgson




Reportedly, whilst speaking at the increasingly extolled Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival this year, filmmaker Steve James hailed a ‘golden age of documentary film-making. 2011 has already witnessed an epoch-inducing influx of documentaries with the subjects just as diverse as their creators. Continue reading

In Review: Troll 2 / Best Worst Movie

By Helen Cox

Last month I was inducted into a cult. A cult of green goop and erotic corn on the cob. A cult of frighteningly cheerful grandfathers, spontaneously dancing sisters and mothers who appear, by that wild look in their eye, to be high as a kite: the cult of Troll 2. Continue reading