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Our First Digi-Issue Launches Today: Minema Edition 4.1

New Empress Magazine’s Minema titles are a mini-digi-dose of film commentary, flashbacks and review. Continue reading

Hits Good, Flops Bad Deduces PM

By Helen Cox

Illustration by Neil Stevens

I don’t know if you noticed but British PM David Cameron said one or two things yesterday that infuriated a good portion of the UK film community. Cameron made his statement during a visit to Pinewood Studios in light of a film report that is to be published by Lord Smith on Monday. Continue reading

January Blues #2: How to catch up on your sleep

By Maryann O’Connor

After 2 weeks on the job at the stationery factory, the ballpoint and notepad packing became so repetitive that Jake and Elwood could do it with their eyes shut. In fact, Jake frequently did. Continue reading

January Blues #1: How to deal with horrible bosses

By Helen Cox

After a productive twenty years in prison perfecting their musical skills Jake and Elwood Blues were released on parole to their worst nightmare: Rhythm and Blues had been replaced by RnB. Continue reading

In Review: War Horse

By Jeff Galasso

Ever wonder what Sam and Frodo’s relationship in The Lord of the Rings would be like if Frodo had been a horse?  Steven Spielberg must have and War Horse is his answer. It is also his entry into the 2011 Academy Awards race; a move that can be charitably described as “misguided”.  Continue reading

Unveiled: Our 2011 Year Book Cover

Behold! The front cover of our 2011 Year Book is unveiled and our Hollywood Homogetron is finally unleashed on the world.

Order your copy here.

Continue reading

The New York Report: 92YTribeca

By Nicko V. Vaughan

There are 92 reasons why Tribeca should be the main port of call for film nerds looking for interesting things to do in New York but I don’t have the space or the editorial power to list them all, so I’m just going to tell you about the best darn film lover’s hub in Manhattan. Continue reading