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Paul Merton on Hitchcock and The 39 Steps

By Joe Walsh

Last week the Barbican hosted a special screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, on 35mm courtesy of the BFI for you fellow cine-philes out there, followed by a screening of Paul Merton’s brilliant 2009 documentary on Hitchcock. Merton also put in an appearance at the event for a lively Q&A and, of course, a few jokes. Continue reading

Lunchtime Poll: Which Reboot Will Kill Your Soul?

In the grand tradition of Heathers this is what’s called a lunchtime poll. Each week day we’ll be asking you a pivotal question about the pictures. Today’s topic? Reboots!

Some of the below are nothing more than rumours at the moment but, given the current trend for rebooting and remaking, it’s only really a matter of time before some studio fat cat comes up with the money. They’re all pretty disquieting but which one of these reboots, or rumoured reboots, is most likely to destroy your soul?

In issue one of New Empress Magazine we ask: Why is Hollywood Eating it’s Heart out? In short: what’s with all the re-makes?