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In Review: Shark Night (3D)

By Adam Vaughan

You know the story… Young, carefree college students decide to go and have fun at someone’s parent’s house out in the middle of nowhere, happily adjacent to a large expanse of water. Continue reading

Human Centipede II [Full Sequence] Classified 18

By Helen Cox

After  four months of discussion and debate with distributors Eureka Entertainment (Bounty Films’ UK distributor) the BBFC have classified The Human Centipede II [Full Sequence], awarding it an 18 certificate with cuts. The film was originally rejected by the BBFC in June, a decision which was almost instantly appealed and the two parties have finally reached an agreement on a version of the film is fit for certification. Continue reading

In Review: Final Destination 5

By Adam Vaughan

It was with bewilderment and mild annoyance that I entered the screening of Final Destination 5 whose predecessor The Final Destination had a gratifying finite ring to it. Continue reading

Fright Night 2011: Interviews with Cast and Crew

By David Katz

Fright Night (2011) is released in the UK on 2nd September giving fans of the original the opportunity to judge its steel as a remake awakening a whole new generation to this beautifully quirky horror yarn. Continue reading

In Review: Stake Land (2010)

By Adam Vaughan

From its trailer you would be forgiven for thinking that Stake Land (2010) was a Resident Evil (2002) meets Zombieland (2009) rip-off. Set in a post-apocalyptic America following the outbreak of a virus which breeds bloodthirsty vampire-zombies, the film centres on teenager Martin whose family have been slaughtered by the creatures. Continue reading