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In Interview: New Empress Cover Artist Dan Havardi

By Helen Cox

Cover artist Dan Havardi

One of the first things people comment on when the first clap eyes on a copy of New Empress Magazine is the artwork on the front cover. It’s one of the key things that differentiates our publications from other publications already on the shelf. As editor of the magazine I am always toying with concepts for the front cover; New Empress covers are always a little bit playful as per the tone of the magazine but I’m really just the ideas person. The striking quality and beauty of the cover work is created by our very own ‘man behind the curtain’: cover artist Dan Havardi.

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Issue 2: An Illustrative Preview

Issue 2 of New Empress Magazine is now available to pre-order. Orders will be sent out in approximately 2 weeks time.  To give you a little taste of what is on offer in our Golden Ticket Edition we’re showcasing some exclusive illustrations from our wonderful creative team here at New Empress HQ. Continue reading