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In Review: The Iron Lady

By Adam Vaughan

Margaret Thatcher is probably the most polarising figure in British politics so it was clear that ‘The Iron Lady’ was going to divide audiences all around our little group of nations. It was agreed that there were a number of ways the makers could have dealt with Maggie’s deeds and they chose one of these. The path of least resistance. ‘The Iron Lady’ is like watching an overlong Oscar campaign with Meryl Streep, as the eponymous ex-Prime Minister Continue reading

Poetry in Motion (Pictures): Part 3

By Liz Mannion of The Ritz Cinema, Thirsk.

Poetry in Motion (Pictures) posts are part of a series.

Sophie’s Choice (Alan J Pakula, 1982) – Ample Make This Bed, Emily Dickinson.  Meryl Streep, Peter MacNicol and Kevin Kline star in this book-to-film adaptation. It is a movie of suffering, atonement and redemption and the narrative is sensitively framed by the poem: Ample Make This Bed by Emily Dickinson. Continue reading