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Our First Digi-Issue Launches Today: Minema Edition 4.1

New Empress Magazine’s Minema titles are a mini-digi-dose of film commentary, flashbacks and review. Continue reading


In Review: Went the Day Well? Out now on DVD and Blu-ray

By Helen Cox

Went the Day Well? is an unofficial propaganda film produced in 1942. Based on a short story by Graham Greene it realises a wartime nightmare as the small, fictional village of, Bramley End becomes overrun with Nazi invaders. Cut off from the outside world by their captors the villagers are left to overturn the forces of evil for themselves. Continue reading

In Review: The Halfway House on DVD (1944)

By David Katz

Fans of classic British cinema should definitely seek out the DVD debut of The Halfway House (1944), a charming little film occupying a rare midpoint between ghost story and propaganda. Continue reading