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In Review: Project X (2012)

By Joe Walsh

Nima Nourizadeh’s debut film Project X is an irritating mess of gratuitous partying that alienates the audience from the first thirty seconds onwards. Continue reading

In Review: War Horse

By Jeff Galasso

Ever wonder what Sam and Frodo’s relationship in The Lord of the Rings would be like if Frodo had been a horse?  Steven Spielberg must have and War Horse is his answer. It is also his entry into the 2011 Academy Awards race; a move that can be charitably described as “misguided”.  Continue reading

The New Empress Magazine Year Book 2011: Available for Order

What has 2011 in film meant to you? The year of the sequel? The year of the documentary? The year when Michael Bay really proved his worth as a director…? Maybe that will be 2012. To celebrate, commemorate and, admittedly in some respects, commiserate the year that has been 2011 we present to you our 2011 Year Book. Continue reading

In Interview: Rose Bosch, writer and director of The Round Up (2010)

By David Katz

Rose Bosch’s The Round Up (2010) is one of the most notable recent success
stories in French cinema, a moving and thought-provoking account of the Vel d’Iver round up in 1942. The round up was a mass arrest corroborated by the Nazi-occupied French government of 13,000 Parisian Jews, forcibly removed from their homes in Montmarte and ordered to the Vel d’Iver Velodrome, in preparation for their deportment and execution. Building on two years of research and interviews with survivors, the film shines a neglected light on an atrocity the French public would, understandably, very much like to forget. Continue reading

In Review: The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

By Mike Richardson
Is the new Matt Damon vehicle The Adjustment Bureau as farcical as its title? Mike Richardson reports…

It’s a lazy reviewer who likens a film to two other films, and it’s an even lazier advertiser who does the same. With The Adjustment Bureau (aka “Bourne meets Inception”) the sin of laziness is further compounded by being downright misleading. The only aspects of the aforementioned films that have a relevance to the Adjustment Bureau are that a) Matt (Jason Bourne) Damon himself is the lead protagonist and b) the raised paving stone seen in the trailer, looks like a mini version of the Parisian walkway folding of Inception, and that’s it.  Continue reading