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In Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene

By Jamie Gildea

Martha Marcy May Marlene focuses on a girl who escapes from a cult commune in upstate New York after two years of sexual abuse, isolation and servitude to her captors. The film follows the thoughts of Martha, as she tries to readjust to normal life after living an existence that is simply unimaginable to the outside world. Continue reading

In Review: Coriolanus

By Darryl Griffiths

Bringing a contemporary feel to a work of Shakespeare is arguably a daunting and quite audacious prospect for anyone, especially with the purists ever-ready to sharpen their tongues. But reinterpreting a play that is one of the least performed and recognisable on a wide scale, you have to wonder.. what was Ralph Fiennes thinking when agreeing to such a gig?? 

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In Review: War Horse

By Jeff Galasso

Ever wonder what Sam and Frodo’s relationship in The Lord of the Rings would be like if Frodo had been a horse?  Steven Spielberg must have and War Horse is his answer. It is also his entry into the 2011 Academy Awards race; a move that can be charitably described as “misguided”.  Continue reading

Unveiled: Our 2011 Year Book Cover

Behold! The front cover of our 2011 Year Book is unveiled and our Hollywood Homogetron is finally unleashed on the world.

Order your copy here.

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In Review: Melancholia

By Maryann O’Connor

After watching Melancholia I stepped out into the sunlight, blinking, feeling bereft. All I knew for sure was that I needed chocolate. Continue reading