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2011: The Year of the Documentary

By Lucia Hodgson




Reportedly, whilst speaking at the increasingly extolled Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival this year, filmmaker Steve James hailed a ‘golden age of documentary film-making. 2011 has already witnessed an epoch-inducing influx of documentaries with the subjects just as diverse as their creators. Continue reading

In Review: Senna (2011)

By Adam Vaughan

What I know about Formula 1 racing would fit on the back of a stamp. Seriously. For all I know a ‘pit stop’ is a chance for the drivers to jump out of their cars and do a dance with fans and feathers…although what common sense I have suggests that that probably isn’t the case. It’s a testament to the success of new F1 documentary Senna (2011) then, that I walked out of the screening feeling equally entertained, enthralled and educated (I now know what a ‘pit stop’ actually is). Continue reading