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Special Report: Dracula Prince of Darkness (1966)

Image courtesy of Graham Humphries

By Mike Richardson

After a trip to the blood donors, the kindly nurses and doctors generally suggest taking it easy and drinking plenty of liquids, yet last Friday my post-donation time was spent in a disused crypt in the bowels of London Waterloo instead; in the company of Hammer Horror Continue reading


What would Danny say to The Iron Lady?

By Maryann O’Connor

Remember back in 1996 when picturegoers happened across the fictional town of Grimley in Yorkshire (a thinly disguised Grimethorpe)? A group of soon to be ex-miners struggled to deal with the likely closure of their pit. We followed them from the coal mine, to the showers (ooer), on to the pub and to their community hall where they managed to hang on to their spirit and blow their trumpets (sorry, Euphoniums) in their colliery brass band. We also saw them trek to London and the Royal Albert Hall where they achieved the sad triumph of winning the National Championships when they had lost almost everything else Continue reading