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The New York Report: 92YTribeca

By Nicko V. Vaughan

There are 92 reasons why Tribeca should be the main port of call for film nerds looking for interesting things to do in New York but I don’t have the space or the editorial power to list them all, so I’m just going to tell you about the best darn film lover’s hub in Manhattan. Continue reading


Videogroan: Bemoaning the death of VHS

By Helen Cox

In the next thousand words or so I’m going to try and explain why I am still in love with the VHS format even though there is no added value on a technical level. The only glimmer of hope I’ve found, technologically speaking, after weeks of research is a vague suggestion by some that the sound quality of VHS can be slightly better. Hardly evidence enough to persuade people to lay off buying DVDs for a while and renew their vows to video cassettes. Continue reading