This Week’s Lunchtime Poll Results

This week New Empress Magazine readers have been voting on some of the most pressing motion picture issues in the industry.

Buffy and Blade Runner were voted the reboots most likely to kill our souls. Pretty solid proof, as if any were needed, that both of these narratives have already had the best possible treatment. At least as far as the fans are concerned.

Anakin Skywalker and Susan Walker of Episode One and Miracle on 34th Street respectively were voted as the child actors that most deserved to be killed off. It’s been 12 years and, apparently, Episode 1 still hurts.

Gizmo was voted in as the best fantasy pet. It must be those ears.

Michael Douglas and Leatherface were voted as the movie stars most likely to be made of 100% real leather.

If you want your say there’s still time to vote. Every Friday we’ll be bringing you another lunchtime poll!

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